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the experience

When you arrive, your hut will be warm and clean, with the fishing holes drilled, ready for you to begin pulling out fish! 

Our ultimate goal is to give you the best ice fishing experience possible so you can take full advantage of Ontario's winter fun.

the location

Northern Ice-Fishing Adventure's hut is located on elephant lake in Harcourt ON. 23km west of Bancroft . The species of fish that you can keep in the winter are northern pike and walleye.

We will also have a plowed road to the fishing huts!

NEW this season we will also have a cleared skating rink with hockey nets for some after fishing leisure

Parking is available here on location.



 Our fishing hut will accomodate 4 adults and sleeps 2

(minimum of 2 people)

Cabin - pop up


we have two cabins that will accomodate a minimum of 4  and a maximum of 8 people


Our hut is designed to ensure your comfort throughout even the coldest days.

In the hut, you will find a kitchenette (with basic kitchen utensils), an indoor woodstove (Hardwood fire bags $10 each)

Also comes with first aid kit, smoke/C02 detector, fire extinguisher, two single mattresses, 6" auger and two fixed hand lines.



The hut comes equipt with two large solar

panels that will give you your lights at night, phone charging and flat screen TV.

The TV comes equipt with google chromecast all you need is to give it a hotspot to enjoy movies!

Cabin - pop up

If you're looking to spend a couple days fishing with your family or a group of friends this is the perfect accomodation for you!!

This combo will get you a warm cabin with a propane cook-top (with basic kitchen utensils), a mini fridge, smoke/CO2 detector, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a 6 person pop up set up on the ice and ready to be used!
the hut also comes with propane heating and a 6" auger.
morning and afternoon shuttle services are included in the combo price.

HUT rates

week day Mon-Thur

Day rate-$65 per person

Overnight rate-$85 per person

weekend Fri-Sun

$190 per person

Kids 12 and under 40% OFF

Cabin rates

cabin-pop up combo

week day rate-$90 per person

weekend rate-$200 per person

cabin only

week day rate-$70 per person

weekend rate-$150 per person

pop up only

$60 per person per day

Kids 12 and under 40% OFF

what to bring

You will need to bring warm winter coat and pants, winter boots, fishing gear (ask us about rental gear), food and water, disposable plates and cups, garbage bags for cleaning up (you must take all garbage and waste with you),

live bait/minnows. If you plan on staying overnight then you will need a sleeping bag and blankets! MUST HAVE FISHING LICENCE


About us



We’re Owen and Tilli, a young couple that is new to the area. I (Owen) was working at a summer camp in the local area for 4 years, and that’s where Tilli and I met.  

We both fell in love with the area and thought it would be the perfect place to start our first business. We really love nature and the great outdoors and we can’t wait for you to have the same feeling we get while immersing in nature!

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